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Marijuana Parade

More than 6,000 people in Germany participated in the "marijuana parade", calling for legalization of marijuana.

According to the German "Der Spiegel" magazine August 11, 2014 reported: Local time on August 9 Saturday, the annual "marijuana parade" was held in the German capital Berlin. This year's participants totaled more than 6,000 people. People in the procession called for providing marijuana for patients with chronic pain, but at the same time they also want the government to follow the United States to allow marijuana to be legalized in Germany, so that the marijuana market in Germany will soon show a "boom".

Berlin's "marijuana parade" was first started in 1997, this year is already the 18th. The organizers of the event said: "The number of participants was less than we expected, and those who came were still those of previous years. Before this year's marijuana parade, the organizers published an article on the Internet that they hope to the United States as an example, to promote the legalization of marijuana in Germany, so that marijuana can be applied to the medical field or as raw materials, of course including a recreational use of marijuana. Spokesman Gail said: Our requirements must become a reality. We hope there will be a legal market for the supply of cannabis for adults in 5-10 years, and we do not need parades at that time.

It is reported that the confidence to support the legalization of marijuana is from some of the changes of the German government about growing marijuana and its use. In July 2014, the Court of Cologne of Germany, decided that patients with chronic conditions with chronic pain should be allowed to grow small quantities of marijuana for their own use under certain conditions.

Washington state formally allows the legal use of recreational marijuana

In 2012, Washington State passed a law that allowed people to use marijuana as a recreation. The state became the first state in the history of the United States to admit that that marijuana can be used as recreational marijuana, but not illegal.

The law passed in Washington states that people who use marijuana as entertainment are lawful if they are aged 21 years and older and the amount of marijuana is not more than 28 grams. While there are many states in the United States that allow marijuana to be used for medical purposes, Washington State is a place for "recreational marijuana use".

It is important to note that marijuana for recreational use permitted under the new Washington State law is restricted to private homes and is prohibited in public places.

While recreational marijuana became lawful in Washington state, it is illegal at the federal law, whether holding marijuana, or trafficking in cannabis. In the future, if the federal police will ban cannabis lawbreaking behavior in Washington state, the state government will be unable to intervene.

Earlier, Oregon also conducted a referendum on "marijuana for recreation", but 55% of local residents vetoed the bill. But then again, the use of marijuana for recreational use was eventually legally approved. Colorado passed a similar law on November 6, but it must wait until January 5 next year to take effect.


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